An epic makeover for Caerphilly Castle

Get ready for Wales’ biggest historic adventure!

  • Caerphilly Castle Artist Impression

  • Caerphilly Castle Maze 

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  • Dragons' Lair 

    Dragons' Lair 

  • Dragons' Lair 

    Dragons' Lair 

This summer, Caerphilly Castle could be transformed into a major UK tourist destination, complete with two new family attractions!

The immediate plans of £570k for Caerphilly Castle precede a further £9.5m Welsh Government investment to enhance visitor experience at Wales’s captivating sides over the next three years.

If planning permission is granted at Caerphilly, new developments will include an interactive maze and Dragons’ Lair complete with audio-visual effects. Plus, live firings of the castle’s mighty medieval siege engines will become a regular fixture.

Designed by specialists behind top attractions such as The London Dungeon, Warwick Castle and Madame Tussauds, ‘Gilbert’s Maze’ will invite brave visitors to defeat the defences and capture Caerphilly Castle by dodging obstacles and locating secret passageways along the way. 

And everyone’s favourite Welsh Dragons will finally be getting their own home… With the addition of a mystical Dragons’ Lair. 

Nestled inside a rocky cave set in the shadows of Caerphilly Castle’s iconic leaning tower, visitors will be able to hear the dragons’ epic tale choreographed to a dramatic audio-visual display. 

We’ll keep you posted on all the latest developments here.