Looking After your Property

Looking After

Looking After your Property

Wales has a rich, varied and distinctive historic environment — but it is also a fragile resource. Historic assets are in a variety of ownerships — public and private, religious and secular, third sector, local and central government. Each owner has responsibilities to look after the assets they have. They also have an obligation to manage change in a sensitive and sustainable way and to ensure that what is significant is passed on to future generations.

Cadw has issued a number of publications to give advice and guidance to owners on ways of caring for their historic assets.

Maintenance Matters!

Routine maintenance is probably the most important action that you can take to protect your historic building. Cadw’s Maintenance Matters! website can help you with tips and advice, and an online customisable maintenance plan for your building.

Best Practice Guidance

Cadw has produced a number of publications to help owners and occupiers care for their property in the best possible way. They explain the significance of different types of historic buildings and ancient monuments and suggest ways in which they can be managed and maintained to ensure their protection for the benefit of future generations.

Other Technical Advice

Cadw produces some specialised technical advice documents.

Other helpful documents have been produced by English Heritage, Historic Scotland and the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings.