Further implementation

Aberglasney, Llangathen, Carmarthenshire

Aberglasney, Llangathen, Carmarthenshire

After 31 May 2017, only four major parts of the 2016 Act will remain to be commenced:

Heritage partnership agreements (Sections 11 and 28)
A consultation on regulations and best-practice guidance is planned for 2018.

Statutory register of historic parks and gardens in Wales (Section 18)
Commencement of this provision will follow the completion of a review of existing entries on the non-statutory register in 2018.

Preservation of listed buildings in disrepair (Section 31)
Listed buildings that have fallen into disrepair blight many communities across Wales. The 2016 Act allows the Welsh Ministers to make regulations to give local authorities new powers to issue ‘preservation notices’ to secure the proper preservation of such buildings.

Local authorities already have a range of statutory powers to deal with deteriorating listed buildings, so preservation notices would have to be carefully formulated to make a practical and useful addition to the existing measures.

The final report on research commissioned to inform the development of preservation notices can be downloaded below. The report outlines several options for preservation notices. It also identifies a range of positive, non-legislative changes that would support local planning authorities in the exercise of their current powers.

Consideration is now being given to the report’s recommendations.

Advisory Panel for the Welsh Historic Environment (Sections 38 and 39)
Further preparations are required prior to commencement.