Historic Environment Records

Gwern Einion Burial Chamber, Gwynedd

Gwern Einion Burial Chamber, Gwynedd

Historic environment records provide detailed information about the historic environment of a given area. The historic environment records in Wales have been created as a result of decades of research and investigation. They are maintained and updated for public benefit and use in accordance with national and international standards.

Sections 35 and 36 of the Historic Environment (Wales) Act 2016 require the Welsh Ministers to compile and keep up to date a publicly accessible historic environment record for each local authority area in Wales.

The Welsh Ministers have issued 'Historic Environment Records in Wales: Compilation and Use'  as statutory guidance under the powers in section 37 of the 2016 Act. Local and National Park authorities in Wales and Natural Resources Wales must have regard to this guidance. 

While this guidance has been prepared specifically for the bodies named in section 37 of the Act, it will be of relevance to a range of other public, voluntary and private sector bodies, and individuals with an interest in the historic environment of Wales.