Heritage Graffiti Project

The Heritage Graffiti Project helps young offenders learn valuable lessons from their heritage.


By introducing young offenders to archaeological artefacts and explaining what they meant to the people who used them, Cadw enables groups of young offenders to explore themes of identity and community, and to discuss the impact we have upon the world through the objects that we use today.

Groups’ discussions can inspire an artwork — such as the graffiti mural in the video above — which gives young people a chance to express their identities through a creative response to their heritage.

Through projects like this young people are introduced to new ideas and ways of life; they are encouraged to develop their communication and team-building skills through working with a range of other young people and professionals.

Participants also have opportunities to develop new technical skills, such as photography and digital editing.

The Heritage Graffiti Project is an ongoing project. During 2014 young offenders will be compiling and curating an exhibition of their work.

Find out how the graffiti mural was created in the PDF below.