South Wales Education Activities

Foundation Phase

Caerwent Roman Town — Roman Daily Life: Children will learn about what Romans wore, what they ate, how they took a bath, where they lived, and the sorts of buildings they created. They will use a Roman play kitchen and quern, make mosaics, use Roman building blocks and try on Roman armour/clothing. For further information or to book, call: 01633 422518.

Key Stage 2

Caerwent Roman Town — Roman Daily life: Pupils will learn about Roman food & dining, Roman clothes and personal care, and Roman toys and games. Pupils will compare modern food with food in Roman Britain, using a Roman play kitchen with quern, pots, dishes and fake food. Pupils will dress up in Roman clothes, look at how Romans bathed and which cosmetics they used. Pupils will explore Roman toys and games, and see which modern games Romans might recognise. For further information or to book, call: 01633 422518

Caerwent Roman Town — Roman Buildings: Pupils will learn about building styles, making mosaics, and Roman building design. Pupils will build their own arch, temple and coliseum building whilst discussing the activities that went on in each. There will be opportunities to handle armour, smell frankincense and myrrh, and try out a plum line whilst doing this activity. Pupils will learn about how Roman buildings were decorated with mosaics, and make their own mosaic. Pupils will look at common features of Roman buildings before designing a building of their own. For further information or to book, call: 01633 422518.