Terms and conditions for Education Activities

Terms and conditions for education visits to Cadw sites

The following conditions must be satisfied:

  • Learners are supervised for the whole visit, at the following adult to learner ratios: 
    1:2 for Foundation Phase under 5s
    1:6 for Foundation Phase 5-7 years
    1:10 for Key Stage 2 & 3
    and 1:15 for Key Stage 4 +
  • At least one qualified first aider accompanies each group
  • Groups arrive within half an hour of the time arranged for the visit. Admission may not be possible to groups which arrive outside of this time frame. If groups arrive outside of this time frame and admission is not possible it will be a deemed cancellation. 

Cadw site staff reserve the right to ask groups to leave the site if the behaviour of group members is disruptive to other visitors or endangers the health and safety of any person or people on the site.