NDP Circus is delighted to announce their upcoming production of Victor Hugo’s Notre Dame de Paris, directed by Paul Liengaard.

Monday 13 May 2019

Tintern Abbey

Tintern Abbey

'Notre Dame de Paris aka The Hunchback of Notre Dame' opens on Tuesday 25 June at Transformateur in St-Nicolas-de-Redon, Brittany. The production will continue touring in France, England and Wales throughout July before performing a full run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The mayhem of the Court of Miracles, Quasimodo’s torment, swooping gargoyles and the tragedy of Esmeralda’s passionate naivety. With a diverse and multi-talented cast drawn from circus, theatre, music and dance and unique costume inspired by its Parisian setting, the company unfold a fantastic retelling of this timeless story that explores issues of universal relevance, exclusion, class and the abuse of power. Staged in a traditional circus ring, the handcrafted 12 metre high set and rig honour the significance of Notre Dame Cathedral as a pinnacle of medieval Gothic architecture.

NDP Circus Company
NDP circus was born out of a desire to revive Victor Hugo’s epic tale Notre Dame de Paris. A cast and crew of 13 of various disciplines (trapeze, dance, music, theatre, equestrian arts, opera singing) and nationalities form NDP circus, presenting a fusion of theatre and circus. The show will be performed on a 12 metre high structure representing Notre Dame and incorporating a real 19th century organ. A thought-provoking production with a dose of mayhem, all naturally lit with firelight and flame FX. You are guaranteed to have sparks in your eyes!

Director and Producer Paul Liengaard
Always with horses and circus near to his heart, and forever travelling, the challenge to create a touring show with a Cathedral and organ follows the thread of these three passions.
Having directed shows including Cinderella: Turbo Zone, Double Crossing and Racines Vagabondes as well as working in film and television, he brings together the diversely talented company, leading them from a residency in Brittany to the celebrated Edinburgh Fringe.

Theatre | Performing Arts

Circus, theatre and dance

Adapted by NDP Circus
Based on the book by Victor Hugo
Directed and produced by Paul Liengaard


Tintern Abbey

Tuesday 23 – Saturday 27 July at 8.30pm
Full price: £15 / Concession (students/unemployed): £12

Child (under 18): £8.

CYSWLLT Y SWYDDFA DOCYNNAU  https://www.ndpcircus.com/
CYSWLLT Y WASG Maria Tarokh info@ndpcircus.com
CYSWLLT Ffôn: 00330665022661

Katina Laoutaris: ANANKE
Maria Tarokh: ESMERALDA
Edwin Liengaard Forster: QUASIMODO
Anthony Pinte: PHOEBUS
Baudouin Cristoveanu: GRINGOIRE
Célian: FROLLO
Katy Glanville: BITCH OF PARIS
Sophie Forster: GUDUL (Mother of Esmeralda)