Agincourt Wales trail launches with tree planting on Brecon Promenade

Tuesday 09 February 2016

Mayor of Brecon David Meredith and Councillor Matthew Dorrance will be present at the planting at 12.30pm on 13 February when 60 trees, supplied by the Woodland Trust, will be placed along the Promenade by the Green Valleys and community volunteers, to commemorate Brecon’s role in the Battle of Agincourt.

Tretower Castle

Tretower Castle

Brecon is one of eight sites across Breconshire, Monmouthshire and the Forest of Dean that form the new Agincourt Wales Trail. The Trail tells the story of the men from the region who travelled to France in 1415 to fight in the famous battle as part of Henry V’s army.

The planting at Brecon Promenade and the formation of the Agincourt Wales Trail will recognise the Agincourt story and its local relevance. People can learn more by visiting nearby Brecon Cathedral, home to more information and artefacts, including the indenture list of the Breconshire men who travelled to France and a stone reputedly used by the archers to sharpen their arrows.

Breconshire supplied 10 men-at-arms, 13 mounted archers and 146 foot archers to Henry V’s troops, part of a force of more than 600 men from across the region who made the long trip to France.

Oak tree planting will also be carried out at Trecastle Village Hall (13 February) and Tretower Court and Castle (on 12 February 1pm) to establish two more sites on the Agincourt Wales Trail

Cllr Graham Brown, Powys County Council’s Cabinet Member for Outdoor Recreation, said: “We’re delighted to be involved in this project and that the Agincourt Wales Trail project will be using the Promenade and planting trees to commemorate this historical event.”

Cllr Matthew Dorrance, county councillor for St John’s, said: “The Prom is a much loved community space. It’s good news that Plan Brecon and the Woodland Trust are working with the Council to plant these trees commemorating Brecon’s Agincourt links. It’s a popular spot for visitors and residents and it’s so close to Brecon Cathedral, where people can learn more about the Breconshire contingent.”

The Woodland Trust added: ‘We’re really happy to be involved with the Agincourt Wales Trail. Planting these trees is a great way to commemorate the people and places involved with the Agincourt story. The trees are a living memorial to the men who travelled to France all those centuries ago.’

Sir Trefor Morris, Chair of the Agincourt 600 Wales Legacy Group said: ‘The Trail gathers local community stories with links to significant people and places associated with Agincourt. The activities and events programme put together by community groups during the 2015 600th anniversary celebrations of the battle has created interest not just in Wales but worldwide. We hope to develop this interest further as a substantial legacy through initiatives like this new Trail.’

The list of locations on the Agincourt Trail include Brecon Promenade & Brecon Cathedral, Trecastle Village Hall, Tretower Court & Castle all in Powys, St Mary’s Priory Church Abergavenny, Raglan Castle, Caldicot Castle, The Tump opposite St Briavels Castle and Monmouth Castle. More information available at