Census Records

1871 - the first recorded occupants are the Voss family, with both father and stepson listed as working in the coal industry.

By 1881 the Morgan family is in residence - mum, dad and five children, all in a tiny two-up two-down.

Ten years later, collier and widower Edward Jones is head of the family that includes his two children, his collier nephew and the latter's wife. The census shows that Edward's 13-year-old son also worked underground.

1901 - the Read family lived here. Both father and son worked in the mines.

Yet another family had moved in by 1911. Collier Rees Lewis and his wife Elizabeth had four children and two lodgers, also miners working shifts. Mam would have been constantly cooking, cleaning and heating water for baths - possibly the longest shift of all.

After that, there were fewer changes - George Marsh, his wife and children came here sometime after World War I and the cottage  stayed in the family for all but a few brief years in the 1960's. It was George Marsh's granddaughter, Hazel Hartland, who owned the house prior to its purchase by Cadw.  Miss Hartland's memories of the cottage date back nearly 80 years. Her vivid recollections of family life are helping us to interpret the house for future generations.