Cadw supports The Festival of Archaeology again this year

Festival of Archaeology

Festival of Archaeology

Cadw, the Welsh Government's historic environment service, has announced that it will once again support The Festival of Archaeology this summer. Dr Caroline Pudney, Cadw's Community Archaeologist, explains why the festival, and archaeology in general, is high on Cadw's list of priorities…

1. Why has Cadw supported The Festival of Archaeology for many years?

We support The Festival of Archaeology every year as the Festival offers a great opportunity to celebrate the wealth of heritage Wales has to offer. 

We're passionate about providing opportunities for all sorts of people to engage with their heritage and learn something new in fun and exciting ways. Participating in the Festival through a programme of events and activities gives us an opportunity to bring archaeology to a wider audience and to the heart of the community, and to introduce people from various backgrounds to real archaeology and its related disciplines.

2. What does the Festival offer for Cadw's properties, sites and projects?

Archaeological events organised as part of the Festival not only offer us an opportunity to reach local communities and new audiences, but can also be beneficial to our understanding of our properties and sites, and help with specific projects.
Volunteers who attend and participate in our events give us more hands on deck to help with real archaeological research, which could lead to new discoveries and a greater understanding of our history and heritage. There are many hidden gems waiting to be discovered across Wales!

3. Why is it important to use the Festival to engage as many people in archaeology and history as possible?

The Festival is a valuable channel to promote archaeology because it is a pan UK celebration and provides us with an opportunity to showcase our heritage and our approach to community archaeology to a broad audience, both within Wales and beyond our borders.

There are 30,000 listed buildings, 4,000 scheduled ancient monuments and three World Heritage Sites in Wales. People living in all Welsh regions are never far from an important heritage site, and one of our main aims is to connect local people with their local heritage.

Through our involvement in The Festival of Archaeology as well as our year-round community archaeology programme we aim to generate a feeling of ownership for Welsh heritage. We want people to value their historic  environment as part of their cultural heritage, and think of history as something that gives us distinctiveness, meaning and quality to the places in which we live.

Archaeology has the power to inspire both individuals and communities. Participation in the excitement of archaeological discovery can bring people together, linking the past to the present and creating a sense of place, shared heritage and identity. Most importantly, engagement in archaeology can help provide a sense of belonging. 

4. What is the mix of people you want to attract to your events?

We love to welcome new visitors and old friends to our events and so our plans for 2013 offer a wide range of events, for visitors, local people, families, enthusiasts and the complete beginner. We want to involve and enthuse them all!

5. What are you doing this year as part of the Festival?

We have events right across Wales this year, often in partnership with local societies and organisations such as the Welsh Archaeological Trusts. Look out for our Roman invasion of Segontium, Gwynedd; the Forces and Forties residency at Lamphey, Pembrokeshire.

6. Where can someone interested in Cadw's Festival of Archaelogy activities find more information?

Our events page will be updated with details about all our events, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates!

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