Valuing the Welsh Historic Environment

The Housing, Regeneration and Heritage Minister’s advisory Historic Environment Group (HEG) of key stakeholder organisations, identified a need for current information on the economic and social impacts of the historic environment in Wales.  HEG asked the Valuing our Environment Partnership, led by the National Trust, to commission updated research and this was done via Ecotec Research and Consulting Ltd., now Ecorys.

Ecotec’s research was published in September 2010.  It shows that conservation of the historic environment contributes significantly to the Welsh economy through heritage regeneration schemes, employment opportunities, skills development and tourism.  It found that the historic environment contributes approximately £840 million to Wales's gross value added, some £1.8billion in respect of output and supports 30,000 full-time equivalent jobs.

The research comprises four reports:

  • the main research report – Valuing the Welsh Historic Environment detailing the economic findings and a number of case studies which demonstrate both economic and specifically social impacts
  • a summary report of the main headlines
  • a technical report on economic impact available as a web document 
  • a methodology or monitoring framework for organisations to use for measuring performance across the sector which is also available as a web document.