Introduction to Cadw’s research programmes

Many of Cadw’s projects and programmes contribute to our understanding of Wales’s past.

We undertake research directly on our properties in care, either to inform and complement our ongoing conservation and maintenance programme, or to support our interpretation and presentation activities.

We also support the investigation of the wider Welsh historic environment through our threat-related grant aid-programme to the four regional Welsh Archaeological Trusts, or as part of our assessment of candidate sites for designation as historic assets of national importance.

Much of this work has resulted in academic monographs and journal papers. We provide grants for the publication and dissemination of fieldwork projects that we have supported.

Cadw has supported and contributed to the establishment of a Research Framework for the Archaeology of Wales –

Cadw also supports research that will contribute to other aspects of our management and understanding of the historic environment. For example, understanding the value of the historic environment, assessing and identifying monuments and buildings at risk and understanding how visitors use and respond to our properties in care.