Selling to Cadw

As part of our work to conserve and preserve the built heritage of Wales, Cadw needs to purchase a range of works, services and goods.

This includes, among other things, specialist conservation of ancient and historic buildings, general construction work (main and sub-contract), small plant, maintenance services, consultancy services, art-quality print, exhibition design, cleaning services, grounds maintenance and landscaping. We also purchase items for resale in the Cadw shops.

Cadw has a policy of contracting only with companies that are technically competent and financially sound and who share our commitment to providing quality services to the visiting public.

For further information on our Retail Outlets, please visit our Retail page.

Deciding procurement strategy

Cadw take a number of varying approaches to its purchasing requirements depending on purchase.

Once a need has been identified the most appropriate method of procurement will be selected.  In general terms, this will mean our business areas seeking a minimum of 3 quotes for purchases up to £24,999 (£49,999 for retail products).  

Becoming a supplier

All Welsh Government contracts which exceed the values shown above follow a formal tender process in which bids are invited through the Sell2wales website -

The Sell2wales website is an information source and procurement portal set up by the Welsh Government as a national advertising portal which provides free access to contract opportunities for suppliers and contractors.

The website makes it easier for suppliers to work not just with the Welsh Government but with over one hundred other Welsh public sector bodies such as local authorities, health trusts and boards, colleges and universities, and the police and fire services.

One registration process allows a supplier’s details to be made available to all registered organisations and gives the supplier access to information on them.  Suppliers register the kinds of work they are interested in, and automatically receive details of relevant contract and tendering opportunities by e-mail notification as they become available.

For further information on our procurement process, please visit the procurement page.