Procurement process

The procurement process followed when requirements are published via the Sell2Wales website is outlined below:

Invitations to tender/quote

Quotes or tenders will be sought from potential suppliers, or those organisations who have been shortlisted through a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ).

Potential suppliers interested should complete the PQQ/ Invitations to Tender (ITT) and submit by the date required providing all supporting documentation. Bidder responses will be assessed using weighted criteria, which will be detailed in the supporting guidance. Where a Restricted (PQQ) process is undertaken, those shortlisted suppliers will be sent an ITT. Where an Open process is followed, ITT’s will be available to any interested supplier.

The PQQ/ITT generally will consist of a set of documents including the following:

  • Instructions to Tender - Advice on the criteria on which the contract will be awarded and the format of response required.
  • Specification - Explains the scope of the requirement including proposed service levels if applicable.
  • Technical Proposal or Schedules - Information of evidence required in bid to illustrate potential suppliers ability to provide the goods/services required.
  • Price Schedule - May include a format according to which tender pricing should be included.
  • Terms and Conditions.

Evaluation of tender/quote

Once quotes or tenders are received these will be evaluated on a common basis to ensure that the competition is carried out in a fair and equitable manner, and that the quote or tender representing the best overall value for money is selected.

Best value for money does not necessarily mean that the least expensive quote or tender will be selected. Other areas such as, but not limited to, after sales support, lead-times, total life costs (including disposal) and the supplier’s environmental and health and safety policies can all be taken into account when deciding who offers best overall value for money.


The supplier submitting the best value for money tender will be sent an official award letter confirming the contract.

Contract management

A member of Cadw staff will be nominated as a contact point and will monitor the supplier’s performance and also deal with any queries the supplier may have.


Welsh Government is committed to paying its contractors within 30 days of receipt of goods or services, or a correct invoice, whichever is the later. Welsh Government's standard conditions of contract specify that payments will be made within 30 days.