Volunteering at Laugharne Castle

Laugharne Castle

Laugharne Castle

Looking out over the estuary, this impressive relic of ancient times demands you stand and stare. However, as a volunteer ‘Castle and Gardens Guide’, at Laugharne’s medieval castle turned Tudor mansion, you could help turn a visitor’s stare into an appreciation of this magnificent site.

Built in the 13th century by the de Brian family, probably atop an earlier Norman ringwork castle, the solid mansion we see today is the lasting legacy of Sir John Perrot. It didn’t fare too well during the Civil War, being. partially dismantled after a siege. Even so, it inspired both Dylan Thomas and author Richard Hughes to put pen to paper in the castle’s garden summerhouse, finding the castle the perfect antidote to writer’s block.

If you have green fingers and an interest in Laugharne’s history and Victorian gardens, and see yourself as a tour guide, relaying information and stories on site, here’s your chance to help our custodians enhance our visitor experience. To apply, please complete and return the online application form to: LaugharneCastle@gov.wales and we will get back to you.

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