Work Experience

Work Experience Placements

Would you like discover what its like to work in a castle?

Or find out what goes on behind the scenes in the organisation that looks after 129 of Wales’ special historic places, including two World Heritage Sites?
Cadw is the historic environment service of the Welsh Government. Our people work in a wide range of jobs from custodians, stonemasons and archaeologists to grant managers, caseworkers and event managers. We’ve even got a wedding planner!   

We understand the importance of work experience for young people and are committed to offering worthwhile structured placements that showcase the potential of careers within the heritage sector.  

We offer unpaid work experience placement opportunities for a maximum of two weeks for school age young people (age 14-18). Placements are advertised throughout Wales.

Each placement request received is considered separately. In making the decision to accept or decline we take into account the following:

• the length of time and location of the placement
• requirements of the student
• staffing resources
• work commitments
• holiday commitments

To apply for a placement please email HR-Helpdesk@Wales.GSI.Gov.UK