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As of 5pm on 23 March 2020, all unstaffed Cadw sites and carparks are closed until further notice to further restrict the spread of coronavirus.

This follows our earlier decision to close all of our staffed Cadw sites, visitor centres, shops and cafes on 18 March 2020.

In light of this, we want to keep you updated with information about the changes we have made to our membership scheme in response to the ongoing crisis.

Below are answers to your most frequently asked questions in relation to coronavirus and the impact it has on your Cadw membership:


1.      Will you be pausing DD membership payments while your sites are closed?

We don’t have plans to pause DD membership payments, however we recognise that some people may struggle financially during this unprecedented time. If you urgently want to discuss your individual circumstances, please contact us on 0800 074 3121 or email and we will do our very best to help you.


2.      Are you extending Cadw memberships to compensate for site closures?

We planned to give all existing Cadw members who joined on or prior to 18 March 2020 a free membership extension of three months, but upon review, as of 08 April 2020, we will now be giving all members who joined on or prior to this date a lengthened, free membership period of six months.


3.      How can I redeem my free six months of Cadw membership?

Your six months of free Cadw membership is redeemable upon renewal.

We have reduced all of our membership renewal prices by 50%, allowing renewing members to purchase twelve months’ of membership for the price of six. Our reduced renewal fees will be in place until 08 April 2021 to ensure that all members who purchased membership on or before 08 April 2020, benefit from this offer.


4.      What if I don’t want to renew my membership? Will I still receive an extra six months’ free membership?

If you choose not to renew your Cadw membership, please contact us when your annual renewal is due and we will issue you with a temporary membership card – honouring six months’ of free Cadw membership (which will start from your renewal date).


5.      I am not yet a Cadw member. Even though your sites are closed, can I still join the Cadw membership scheme?

Yes, we’d love to welcome you as a new Cadw member. We appreciate that this a difficult time for everyone and would like to thank you for your interest in joining our scheme and supporting Wales’s historic environment during this uncertain period.

As of 08 April 2020, until our sites re-open, we are offering 50% off Cadw membership joining fees to compensate for the lost visiting time you will unfortunately encounter while our sites remain closed.


6.      I renewed my membership/ joined the Cadw membership scheme between 18 March and 08 April 2020 and didn’t receive 50% off my renewal/ joining fee. Am I entitled to a 50% refund?

Upon review of the coronavirus situation in Wales, we took the decision to reduce our membership renewal/ joining fees on 08 April 2020.

If you renewed or joined our membership scheme between 18 March and 08 April 2020 and paid full price, you can either contact us to arrange an immediate 50% refund, or, you can receive 50% off your next renewal fee in 2021.


7.      Even though you have reduced your renewal and joining costs, I would still like to pay full price to support Cadw and the conservation of Wales’s historic sites. Is this possible?

Thank you for your very kind offer. We appreciate that this is a difficult time for everybody and we hugely value your support and membership of Cadw, which continues to help us protect, care and conserve Wales’s historic sites for the benefit of future generations.

We are not able to increase your membership fee, but if you would like to make a one-off donation to Cadw, please visit the donations page on our website.


8.      Will members still continue to receive benefits, such as the Heritage in Wales Magazine?

Yes, at this time, we are still hoping to issue our Heritage in Wales magazine to members. The next one is due in July/August and will be filled to the brim with ways to explore Welsh history, indoors. We’ll let our members know if our plans for this change.


9.      How long will your sites remain closed?

All of our sites will remain closed until the Government advises that we are able to re-open. The safety and well-being of our members and visitors is of upmost priority during this time so we will only re-open our staffed and unstaffed sites when Government and Public Health Wales indicates that it is safe to do so. We apologise to everyone for this inconvenience and will aim to keep you updated on the matter via our digital platforms.


10.   Are you cancelling all of your events?

Yes. We are cancelling all of our events on a rolling three-month period until Government advice changes and social gathering restrictions are lifted. As soon as we are able to run our events again, we will inform our members and followers through our digital channels.