Catch virtual Baby Dragons hidden around Wales's captivating castles

Dragon Tales and Games

Our castles are alive with tiny baby dragons! 

We’ve hidden 70 baby dragons at seven different castles across Wales – can you find them?

Using augmented reality technology, the dragons are hiding in the castle grounds waiting to be found, but you’ll only be able to see them through your (magic) phone. 

Download the Cadw app and use your very own special compass to track down ten different babies at each site.

The Little Dragons game is currently available at the castles of Caerphilly, Harlech, Beaumaris, Conwy, Caernarfon, Raglan and Chepstow.
How to use the trail:

Before visiting your chosen Cadw site, download the Cadw app from your phone’s app store. Visit the ‘Little Dragons’ section to download the dragon content to your phone so you can view it at the castle when there’s no connectivity. Then when you’re at the castle there’s no need for mobile reception or for WiFi, just turn on your Bluetooth!

When you arrive, a link to the game will appear in the main app menu. Use the dragon compass to help guide you through the site and it will flash blue when dragons are near!

Please collect your dragons safely! Don’t check your phone:
• on stairs,
• in the car park,
• in the shop,
• in the toilets
• near water or castle moats
• on wall walks or towers
• or behind roped areas as dragons never appear in these places.

(HINT: The baby dragons can’t fly very high yet so you will find them all hiding on ground level only!)