The ‘Heroes and Heroines of Wales’ story collection

Daring swordfights and thrilling battles. Tragic romances and secret experiments. Powerful princes and courageous princesses.


Gwenllian — Welsh Warrior Princess

Discover the dramatic tales behind Wales’s amazing heroes and heroines. Start by reading the stories from the list below and then downloading our fun colouring sheets of the characters. 

1. Branwen Ferch Llŷr: Marriage brings tragedy not unity
2. Gwenllian: Welsh Warrior Princess
3. Llywelyn the Great: The powerful prince who united Wales
4. Saint David: The patron saint of Wales
5. Santes Dwynwen: Welsh patron saint of love
6. Sidney Gilchrist Thomas: Secret experiments that changed the world
7. William Burges: 'Ugly Burges, who designs lovely things…'

You can download PDF versions of the stories below.

Alternatively, if you have a smartphone or tablet, why not download one of our enthralling tales as a free eBook? Visit our Heroes and Heroines of Wales — free eBooks page to get the right version for your device.