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  • Dwynwen

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    Dragon Babies

  • Dwynwen

  • Dwynwen

  • Dwynwen

The making of Dwynwen...

Dwynwen was sculpted, moulded and painted by a team of 16 at Wild Creations — the prop design specialists who brought Dewi to life back in 2016.

The 4-metre wide beast was built during a period of 6 weeks and this fascinating video shows her during the final stages of construction.

The making of the Baby Dragons...

The beastly babies were also brought to life by a team of 16 at Cardiff-based prop design specialist, Wild Creations.

The babies were sculpted and moulded and then cast and built out of fibreglass before being fitted with state-of-the-art animatronic technology — allowing the babies to electronically move their heads, necks and wings.

This fascinating how-to video shows how the bundles of joy were made...

And — if you haven’t already — watch how Dewi was built up from a single mould of clay in this mesmerising timelapse video.