The Cadw Dragons' Tale

On the misty morning of St David’s Day 2017, Caernarfon locals awoke to the sight of two Welsh Dragons on the Town Square — one of whom looked very familiar.

Dewi, the Welsh Dragon who broke the banks of Caerphilly Castle on 01 March 2016, was back — but this time, accompanied by a very special friend — Dwynwen, the brand new Caernarfon Dragon.

The beasts were entwined in a romantic embrace — or “cwtch” in Welsh — and looked magnificent against the looming backdrop of Caernarfon Castle.

The Dragons were clearly in love. But how did they meet? You’ll have to read their legendary love story to find out… 

Chapter One: From a King to a Dragon
Chapter Two: Dragons in Love
Chapter Three: A big surprise
Chapter Four: A dragon family is born
Chapter Five: Monster mischief
Chapter Six: A mighty transformation