The Cadw Dragons' Tale — Chapter Five: Monster mischief

Just moments after birth, the beastly baby dragons fell into a deep sleep.And for hours, all was calm. The stone walls of the castle echoed with gentle snores. Mum was peaceful, dad was proud and the custodians were full of excitement.

But the serenity didn’t last for long.

As a rule, new-born creatures are hard work. Everyone knows that. From humans to birds and mammals — they all need a lot of looking after. But baby dragons are something else.

They’re born with the ability to walk, squawk and even breathe fireballs on occasion. So, as you can imagine, little Dylan and Cariad (named so in honour of their Welsh roots) caused unimaginable mischief at the castle.

It all started on the morning after their arrival.

Dwynwen — who had slept next to her new-born whelps all night long — had been dreaming of her babies and their futures.

Would they be fire dragons like Dewi or perhaps earth dragons just like her? Every dragon is born with a power, you see — whether it’s the power to control earth, water, ice or fire. 

And though dragons take months to ‘transform’ into their true identities, Dwynwen couldn’t help but wonder what her little bundles of fiery joy would become.

She awoke with a smile but when she turned over and opened her emerald eyes, she saw an empty nest and could hear the distant sound of stone hitting stone.

Panic-stricken, she called for Dewi who was out on an early morning ramble, looking for new branches and leaves for the nest. With no response from her beau, she bounded around the castle to look for the babies.

And boy, was she angry when she found them.

Dwynwen discovered a huge pile of rubble hidden within the upper gatehouse. And hovering above it on their tiny wings were Dylan and Cariad, who were busy launching stones from their mouths down to the castle walls below.

Dwynwen roared with anger when she stumbled across the scene — not only was it dangerous for dragons to attempt flight at such a young age but fragments of the castle were flying, smashing and crashing in all directions too!

The babies halted in sudden terror. But their fear of upsetting Dwynwen didn’t last for long. 

In fact, Dewi and Dwynwen spent a whole weekend chasing after the naughty babies who left a trail of destruction in their wake.

On several occasions Cariad was caught stealing lollipops from the castle’s visitor centre. The little dragon had developed rather a sweet tooth and couldn’t resist those pink and white swirls on a stick. 

And Dwynwen couldn’t help but notice that, as Cariad slurped away on her stolen goodies, the sun would shine down on the castle in rays of pure happiness. 

And the moment she was scolded for it, the heavens would open and a torrential downpour would hit the castle, as if mirroring Cariad’s displeasure.
“Could she be a weather dragon?”, Dwynwen wondered.

Dylan, on the other hand, was continually caught dropping pennies into the castle’s ancient well, all in an effort to make the biggest possible splash.
In fact, Dylan seemed to be fascinated by water.

He was even spotted chasing the local geese into the moat. Dewi saw him doing it from one of the monument’s lofty towers and swiftly flew down to stop him. As Dylan noticed his furious dad approaching, he entered the moat in an elaborate dive and powered through the water like a dolphin.

“I wonder if he’s a water dragon”, thought Dewi, with excitement overpowering his rage.