The Cadw Dragon’s Tale — Chapter One: From a King to a Dragon

Let’s begin at the beginning.

Many thousands of years ago, in a time of dragons, witches and giants, a great King of Wales was walking in the deep, dark caves at Dinas Emrys.

The King was lost. He had been walking for days in the cave’s deep, dark chambers. Surrounded by gloom and walking for miles, his hunger was growing — so imagine his relief when he stumbled upon a large egg, gleaming in the darkness.

Dragon's tale — Chapter 1 — 1

Now, in those days it was said that any creature to mistakenly consume a dragon egg would immediately transform into a dragon. The King knew this. But he also knew how rare dragon eggs were. And by this point on his long journey, he was too hungry to care.

The King cracked the egg open and wolfed it down whole. Then, BANG! In a puff of smoke, the King was gone and in his place stood an enormous dragon.

Now, as everyone knows, dragons rather like dark, damp places — so he found the cave very pleasant. But after many years, he grew tired of seeing the same stalactites, stalagmites and echoing chambers. He longed for some company.

So the Dragon emerged from the cavernous caves, rose high above Dinas Emrys and flew south, in the search for a brand new lair.

Dragon's tale — Chapter 1 — 2

The Dragon flew around for several hours before he spotted some magnificent stone walls, far below. He soared down to investigate and landed on the banks of an epic castle. It was Caerphilly.

It’s believed that a love of castles is ingrained within the very nature of dragons — they like having towers to climb and dungeons to hide in. And this Dragon was no exception to the rule.

He was enamoured by the site and spent hours exploring the castle grounds before curling up on the banks for a much-needed rest.

The following morning, he woke to a sea of astounded humans. By chance, he had landed at Caerphilly Castle in time for St David’s Day — a day of national celebration in Wales.

He felt rather afraid at first but he needn’t have done — Welsh people have always been fond of dragons. And a real dragon hadn’t been seen in Wales for many centuries, so the humans were very excited.

As the day went on, the crowds grew and grew. The humans were so happy to see the Dragon that they decided to name him Dewi — after their patron saint — and invited him to live at Caerphilly Castle permanently.

Dewi obliged, thrilled with his new identity and brand new lair. And so, he roamed the castle grounds and guarded the castle walls with passion for an entire spring season…