The Cadw Dragons' Tale — Chapter Six: A mighty transformation

After a weekend of pure carnage at the castle, the time came for Dwynwen and the babies to leave. 

She was planning to take the little ones on a summer tour of Wales, in an effort to teach them about their Welsh heritage. Plus, she hoped all the travelling would tire them out a bit!

Dewi wished he could join them but of course, he needed to prioritise his duties as the Caerphilly Dragon. Plus, a bit of peace and quiet wouldn’t go amiss…!

Dwynwen and the mischievous monsters enjoyed a fantastic tour across Wales, travelling from Chepstow Castle to Raglan and from Tretower Court to the castle of Kidwelly. 

And along the way, Dylan and Cariad displayed even further signs of what their future powers may hold.

Dylan’s fascination with water grew ever stronger. Most dragons dislike water but Dylan’s scales became dry and scratchy if he went even a day without a swim. 

He even started being able to control the water — creating beautiful shapes and enormous waves with only a thought.

Meanwhile, the weather within a five-mile radius continued to change with Cariad’s moods. And as a predominantly good-natured beast, it meant that sunshine seemed to follow the family around Wales.

Dwynwen noticed both of these things. But nothing was confirmed until they landed at Harlech Castle.

As sundown approached, Dwynwen tucked the babies up in their nest as normal. She then climbed up into one of the castle’s cosiest towers and settled down for an evening of peace.

It was a perfectly clear night and Dwynwen could see hundreds of stars in the night sky. She watched them through the tower’s large window and felt her eyelids droop as a comfortable wave of tiredness washed over her.


Dwynwen was thrown back into consciousness.

“Was that thunder and lightning?”, she thought. “No, it couldn’t be — not on such a pleasant night.”

“Was it part of a fireworks display? No, not in August — surely not!”

Then suddenly, she thought of the babies. And she knew exactly what was happening.

Dwynwen tore down to the nest, which was situated on the ground floor of the castle and stopped in her tracks as she caught sight of her sweet babies.

Dylan and Cariad were suspended in mid-air, with beams of light engulfing their tiny bodies. The light was morphing their scales from soft and sweet to hard and strong — their wings, fangs and claws growing larger with every second.

It was time. They were transforming from dragon whelps into dragons. Soon they wouldn’t be babies anymore! And most importantly, they would know their dragon destinies once and for all.

Dwynwen watched the magnificent display proudly, wishing that Dewi was there to see it too.

And after what felt like hours, the lights dimmed and the Dragon Babies were lowered to the ground. Dylan and Cariad looked at each other with pure joy.

“I’m a water dragon”, said Dylan.

“I’m a weather dragon”, said Cariad.