The Cadw Dragons' Tale — Chapter Three: A big surprise

Dewi and Dwynwen’s long distance relationship was going rather well.

The fiery pair organised a dragon date-night once a fortnight ─ sometimes going for a late-night flight over the skies of Wales and other times meeting for a walk around the country’s stunning landscape.

Dragon's tale — Chapter 3 — 1

But on one day in April, Dwynwen had to cancel her dragon-date with Dewi. She was feeling a little bit peaky and wasn’t sure if she could manage the flight.

She had a bit of a fever, felt constantly hungry and kept sneezing fire-balls.

The lovely custodians at Caernarfon Castle noticed this and began to worry about Dwynwen. She simply wasn’t herself.

So, they rang the local vet who popped along to the castle to have a look at her. The vet came armed with his stethoscope and a welding mask (just in case of any rogue sneezes) and began to examine the poorly beast.

After poking around for a few minutes, the vet suddenly stopped — his stethoscope hovering over the dragon’s big tummy. A big smile spread over his face as he pulled his mask off and said: “Dwynwen’s not ill — she’s carrying eggs!”

Dwynwen and the custodians stood in stunned silence for a second before they began to celebrate — they were so excited at the prospect of dragon babies coming to the castle!

The vet continued: “By the looks of things, Dwynwen will be ready to lay her eggs within a day or two. I suggest she starts making a nest — sharpish!”

Dwynwen began to panic. She couldn’t possibly lay her eggs here — so far away from Dewi.
Plus, she simply didn’t have enough energy to build a nest. And she knew that the human custodians would take weeks to build a nest big enough to hold dragon eggs!

The custodians could see that Dwynwen was stressed so they suggested that she lay her eggs at Caerphilly Castle instead. That way, Dewi could be present to help with all the preparations for the new arrivals — from building the nest to guarding the eggs.

Dwynwen agreed and the excited custodians quickly arranged for a huge truck to drive the expecting reptile all the way to Caerphilly Castle.

The truck carried Dwynwen through the night and she snoozed soundly the entire way — dreaming of her future babies and smiling through her roaring dragon-snores.

Upon arrival, Dwynwen climbed out of the truck and looked up at the magnificent stone walls of Dewi’s lair. 

She simply couldn’t wait to tell Dewi her news. So she scaled the walls, crept over the battlements and tip-toed across the castle to find her scaly beau.

Dewi was snuggled in a tower at the time, enjoying a delicious breakfast of crushed beetles on toast when he heard footsteps climbing the turret. 

Annoyed to be so rudely interrupted, he turned around — ready to breathe fire at whomever dared to disturb him… But it was Dwynwen!

He leapt up in surprise, embraced her tightly and asked what on earth she was doing there.

Dwynwen smiled and said:
“Dewi — I need you to build a nest…”