The Cadw Dragons' Tale — Chapter Two: Dragons in Love

Dewi loved his new home but part of him wondered what else was waiting for him in Wales.

In July 2016, Dewi embarked on a summer holiday. He spent time exploring seven different castles across Wales and enjoying the incredible sights in-between. And on one particular day, after visiting Caernarfon Castle, he decided to embark on a quick journey up to the very peak of Mount Snowdon.

And when he was right at the top, looking out across the epic landscape of Wales, he heard the soft beating of another pair of wings.

He turned around to see a blur of purple descending through the clouds and watched as a striking female Dragon laid her claws down upon the mountainside before him.

Dragon's tale — Chapter 2 — 1

Their piercing black eyes met and studied each other’s scales carefully. And within seconds, they were speaking fluently in a foreign tongue neither beast had ever spoken before. It was a dragon language not heard in Wales for many hundreds of years and the mountainside quaked with joy at the ancient sound.

The Dragons fell instantly in love. But they knew they would have to part. After all, Dewi was responsible for guarding Caerphilly Castle and his new beau belonged within the epic landscape of Gwynedd — though she longed for a castle lair of her own.

When asking her name, the female Dragon said she didn’t have one. So Dewi vowed to call her Dwynwen — after Wales’s patron saint of love. And before parting, the beasts made a promise that, if their love remained strong, they would meet in Caernarfon on 01 March 2017.

Dewi hoped with all of his scaly black heart that Dwynwen would meet him in Caernarfon. He knew that the local humans would welcome them with open arms on this very special date and secretly wished that they would invite Dwynwen to guard Caernarfon Castle permanently.

Dewi and Dwynwen were separated for several months after they made their pact. But, as everyone knows, absence only makes the heart grow fonder — and with every day, their love grew stronger and stronger.

So of course, both Dragons did meet in Caernarfon on that day; the townspeople did invite Dwynwen to guard the castle permanently; and with much excitement, Dewi and Dwynwen agreed to continue their loving long-distance relationship.

Dragon's tale — Chapter 2 — 2

So they lived happily ever after. But it wasn’t the end…