CGI Reconstructions

Cadw, the Welsh Government’s historic environment service, is combining the latest technology with the best of the past to rebuild some of Wales’s most iconic monuments.

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Caerphilly Castle

The Caerphilly Castle reconstruction video, now available on Cadw’s YouTube channel, gives viewers an idea of how the famous site would have looked in the early 1300s when it was able to withstand an attack from 10,000 Welsh rebels.

The video captures the ‘walls within walls’ system of defence that was favoured by Gilbert de Clare, the nobleman responsible for building Caerphilly Castle.

Viewers can make their way through a series of drawbridges, gates and wooden doors to breach the castle that comes to life throughout the video.

Missing sections of the castle rise from the ground as the south-east tower, that today out leans Pisa’s famous tower, straightens and returns to its former glory.


Segontium Roman Fort

The Segontium video, now available on Cadw’s YouTube channel, gives viewers an idea of the scale of the Roman Fort and shows how it would look in Caernarfon today.

The video starts at sea and shows the imposing fort in all its glory when the Romans originally settled in Caernarfon, around 70 AD. The viewer is then taken for a closer look at the huge site using 3D Roman model characters for scale.

At the end of the video modern-day Caernarfon town emerges around the fort to demonstrate the sheer size of the fort in its prime - the site’s original walls are four times the size of the town’s famous castle