Application form for filming at Cadw sites

No application for filming at an Ancient Monument will be considered until this form has been completed by the Applicant and sent to Cadw.

Applicants are advised not to proceed with any arrangements until written acceptance of the application has been given by Cadw.

This application shall constitute an offer to Cadw to hire the Ancient Monument capable of acceptance by Cadw at its sole discretion.

Date of filming (including set up and breakdown)

Time of filming (including set up and breakdown)

Do you require a 'recce' visit prior to filming?*

Will refreshments be served?*

Will alcohol be sold or served?*

Will music or entertainment be performed?*

Terms and conditions
Filming charges
Risk assessment and indemnity form
Public Liability Insurance
Hard copy


When your form has been submitted successfully, you will be redirected to a confirmation page.

If you do not see this page, please check your form for any amendments needed.