Current affairs and news application form

If you’re interested in filming at a Cadw site for a current affairs or news item please fill in the below application form and we’ll get back to you to confirm. Please submit this form at least 3 days prior to filming at the site.

Please note, depending on the nature and scale of your request we may direct you to our general application form, and charges may apply for the filming.  

This application form is only applicable for news and current affairs programmes. For all other commercial filming please fill in our general application form which asks for more details about your request.

Note:  No application for use of a Cadw Monument will be considered until this form has been completed by the Applicant and sent to Cadw.  Applicants are advised not to proceed with any arrangements until written approval of the application has been given by Cadw.  This application shall constitute a request to Cadw to use the site for the purpose of media photography or filming on the basis that Cadw accepts the application for evaluation and approval at its sole discretion.

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