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Terms and conditions for a free self-led supported visit

To qualify for a free, self-led supported visit — the visit must 

  • be by a qualifying group (with under 20 individuals)
  • be booked at least 5 working days in advance
  • have a genuine community care purpose
  • include clearly defined learning objectives
  • be requested by and led by one member of staff from applying community carer / group.

You may be asked to provide:

  • proof of status within your organisation
  • information about your organisation
  • details of the planned educational purpose of the visit

Please note:

  • Our Guidance for group visits and Resources
  • The booking and booking form is to be completed by the group leader.
  • Cadw will not accept booking forms completed by tour operators or other third parties on behalf of Supported groups.  We are not able to accept free site bookings from commercial operators. We operate a group booking rate  
  • We also offer chargeable education activity sessions at some sites, which may offer additional engagement opportunities (for which Spice Credits are accepted)

Qualifying groups include:

  • Local authority family services teams, for individuals, families and/or groups working towards improving their circumstances.
  • Rehabilitation charities, such as MIND and those supporting Dementia
  • Agencies involved in rehabilitation following drug and alcohol dependency
  • Agencies supporting Back to Work initiatives
  • Fusion activities supporting above.  
  • organisations that arrange visits for groups of children or youths with additional support needs, special learning needs or disabilities
  • groups of adults with additional support or special learning needs or disabilities on visits arranged by charitable not for profit support groups
  • groups are from EU organisations offering an established medical rehabilitation/social programme
  • community education groups involved in youth work, support services, social inclusion programmes and skills/work programmes
  • family Holiday Association organised groups
  • group visits by the following organisations representing and supporting asylum seekers
  1. African Community Centre, Swansea
  2. Bawso  (Black Association of Women Step Out)
  3. City of Sanctuary
  4. Displaced People in Action (DPIA)
  5. Ethnic Minorities & Youth Support Team (EYST)
  6. Oasis Cardiff
  7. The Sanctuary, Newport
  8. The Trinity Centre, Cardiff
  9. Welsh Refugee Council

Groups not eligible for free entry

Any groups that arrange visits through a commercial operator, or do not meet the criteria outlined above will not be eligible for free entry, including but not limited to:

  • Tour and coach operators and third parties who arrange and profit from organising visits / holidays / care  programs on a commercial basis
  • Support groups from outside the EU
  • Organisations bringing groups of adults on leisure visits, such as Women’s Institutes, local amenity groups and student societies
  • Child-minding services and holiday clubs and camps

Note — Groups of 15 or more visitors who are paying together, but do not qualify for a free Supported Visit, may be eligible for a 10% discount.

Supervision ratios

You must meet the required ratios of leaders to learners. Groups that include children under 16 must have adequate adult supervision at all times when on site. The required adult to child ratio will vary according to the age of the children.

Learners are to be effectively supervised for the whole visit, at the following adult to learner ratios:

  • 1:2 for Nursery & Reception - Foundation Phase under 5s
  • 1:6 for Year 1 & 2 - Foundation Phase 5-7 years
  • 1:10 for Key Stage 2 & 3
  • and 1:15 for Key Stage 4 +

For an adult learning group, there are no ratios but there must be an appointed group leader.

There must be at least one qualified first aider accompanies each school group.