Lords of the Southern March

Ogmore Castle

Ogmore Castle

Title: Lords of the Southern March - The March of Power in Southern Wales
Date: June 2010
Creator: Red Kite & Associates

The plan provides a framework for interpreting the story of the powerful Anglo-Norman Lords in Southern Wales, from 1066 - c1410 and the effect that their activities had on the making of Wales. Amongst the sites associated with this storyline are the castles at Caerphilly, Cardiff, Chepstow and Kidwelly as well as Tintern Abbey. This plan fits into the broader story strand of the ‘Castles and princes of medieval Wales and the fight for independence’. In particular it has close links to the ‘Princes of Deheubarth’ interpretation plan.

The approach
The plan suggests that as this story is not well known to most people, the storytelling would need to rely on universal subjects such as “the struggle to survive” and “the fight to retain power and identity”. It advocates the use of characters to ‘hang stories on’, i.e. a mix of real people (relying on historic records relating to the lords, their families etc.) and more generic characters (servant girls, builders, stewards etc).

The plan also highlights how historic sites could be clustered geographically to help tell the story. A wide range of on-site and remote interpretative media is suggested.