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Daring swordfights and thrilling battles. Tragic romances and secret experiments. Powerful princes and courageous princesses.

Discover the dramatic tales behind Wales’ amazing heroes and heroines; they are the people of Welsh legends. Some are just everyday folk who have done inspirational things with different backgrounds and lived experience; maybe you're a Welsh cultural hero or heroine in the making — only time will tell!

Read the stories and watch the messages below to travel in time or set off on a digital mission. 

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Who was Betty Campbell?

Watch with a BSL translation

Learn about a girl who had a dream to become a teacher and to change the world, who overcame prejudice, became a Headteacher, and; went on to be an important influence in establishing Black History Month in the UK and become the first historical Welsh woman to be celebrated with a statue. And through her story and her eyes, discover the history good and bad of her home Tiger Bay, that she thought was the best place in the world.

This Cadw film, created to celebrate and recognise her life, work, challenges and achievements and her passion for teaching and her home town, was created as part of the Children’s Festival of Welsh History 2022; developed and adapted from an In Character production, with support from Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru and Butetown Arts & Culture Association, and actor Kimberley Abodunrin.

The film provides opportunities to explore: racial prejudice past and present and equality; overcoming obstacles and having self-belief; ambitions; and what makes your home the best place in the world. What is great about your square mile?