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Conclusive evidence from across the world shows that greenhouse gas emissions since the Industrial Revolution are leading to global warming, and climate change.

We are already experiencing the effects of this in Wales. Warmer temperatures, rising sea levels, changing rainfall patterns and more extreme weather events are now familiar.

The impact of climate change on our irreplaceable historic assets will have significant consequences for the historic environment as a whole, as well as the people of Wales.

We have seen the major impacts of flooding and coastal erosion on some of Wales’ historic settlements, their residents and local economies.

There are also likely to be longer-term and less direct impacts that we cannot yet predict or fully understand. We need to respond to these challenges by considering what we can do now and in the future to address both the causes and impacts of climate change. 

Heritage responds

Since 2011 heritage organisations from across Wales have worked together as the Historic Environment Climate Change Group. This short video explores the work they do and the outcomes.

Case studies

Adapting to climate change

Adaptation means changing the way we manage and look after sites, places and landscapes to take account of future changes in climate. It is the process of adjusting to actual or predicted climate change and its effect.