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Visitor Notice

Caerphilly Castle: due to the ongoing redevelopment works, venue hire and trade bookings will be considered but the site may be subject to last minute closures.

Thank you.

It is no surprise that sites in our care are popular locations for filming and photography, and have been used in the past in a huge variety of productions, including feature films, dramas and popular TV programmes.

Stars including Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jnr, Jeremy Irons, Tom Hiddleston, Julie Walters and Meg Ryan have all filmed at our sites, as well as Dr Who of course who has been known to land from time to time.

Ffilmio yng Nghastell Coch / Filming at Castell Coch


Non-commercial filming and photography

If you are an individual who wants to film or take photos at our sites for your own, personal use with just a camera and no additional equipment or dressing then go ahead!

Enjoy the views! The only charges you will incur is the admission fee, and please share your images with us on social media so we can admire your work! Make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Visitors are prohibited from taking photos for commercial use unless permission has been obtained from Cadw.


Commercial filming and photography

If you’re interested in filming or taking photos at Cadw sites for commercial purposes please complete this application form, and a member of our commercial team will get back to you. Please note that your form must be submitted at least 15 days before the first day of filming, to give us time to consider and discuss the arrangements with you.

Charges will apply for commercial filming and photography, and costs can be discussed further once the application has been received and considered.

Visit our site specific pages for information including parking arrangements, on-site facilities and access. Please note that if the filming is agreed you will be expected to provide a copy of your Public Liability Insurance, a risk assessment and agree to our Location Agreement.

Current affairs, news and weather

If you would like to film a current affairs or news programme at a Cadw site please contact Cadw’s Marketing and PR team by e-mailing to arrange.

Please also complete our online form, and provide us with a copy of your Public Liability Insurance and agree to our Location Agreement.

Although we understand it may not always be possible, we’d appreciate it if you could endeavour to give us at least 3 days notice so we can make arrangements with our custodians.

Please note that some of the sites are closed over the winter, and it will not always be possible to carry out filming or photography during this time. Visit our days out pages for the sites’ opening hours.

Derek Brockway Castell Cydweli / Kidwelly Castle


Photographic Library

Cadw’s image assets are in the process of being transferred to the Cymru/Wales Digital Assets Library, operated by Visit Wales as part of the wider Cymru/Wales brand.

Images held in this library are available for download for non-commercial purposes with the specific aim of promoting Wales and/or our sites. This would include the following uses:

  • promoting our sites as a visitor attraction
  • promoting the area in which the site is located as a location for inward investment.

As Cadw has a specific remit concerning the promotion of Wales’s heritage, and a commitment to promote education and lifelong learning, we also permit use of our imagery under the following circumstances:

  • using the image to illustrate a historical or educational publication (magazine or book) either to illustrate the function of the site as a home or military installation, or to give context to an historical period or historic figure
  • using an image for the purpose of teaching either at school, higher education or adult learning level
  • using the image as part of an educational project such as a presentation, class project, dissertation or thesis.

Overt commercial activity, such as placing the imagery on merchandise or creating prints for sale, is not permitted.

Registration with the library is free, and users may download as may images as they need directly from the site. Usage, including how to credit the images, is governed by the terms and conditions of the site.

This uploading process is ongoing, but is largely complete. If, however, you are unable to find an image of a site, please contact the Cadw Photographic Library at

Please note that we do not currently offer hard copy prints of our imagery. We can, however, provide electronic copies for print either on a home printer or via a print service or kiosk.


Educational filming and photography

If you are a student who would like to film or take photos at our sites as part of your course if it’s a small-scale production with four or less people involved which takes place during normal opening hours and does not require any special arrangements, please contact the custodian at the site to let them know.

Only admission charges will apply, and we do not need you to complete any further forms. Please note that in a small-scale production only small, hand held, battery powered equipment (without any trailing cables) and small tripods can be used, the site cannot be dressed and the production must not  impact on regular visitors to the sites.

For a larger-scale student productions involving a crew of five or more, please fill in an application form. We will consider each application, and if no special arrangements are required we will endeavour to waive any fees other than admission charges. You will also need to provide us with a risk assessment and a copy of your school, college or university’s Public Liability Insurance.

Finally, you will need to agree to our Location Agreement and provide confirmation from your school, college or university that this filming or photography forms part of your studies

If you’re looking to book a free education visit, please visit our Education section to fill in the education booking form. As long as you adhere to the school or learning provider’s internal policies on filming and photography, you are welcome to take photos or film footage to document the day, and do not need to complete any forms for permission!

Please note that some of the sites are closed over the winter, and it will not be possible to carry out filming or photography during this time. Visit our days out pages for the sites’ opening hours.

Depending on the nature of your application, we may ask you to complete a risk assessment.

Please note that a risk assessment is not needed until your application has been discussed and agreed — and may not be needed at all!

If you are required to complete a risk assessment, think about the following:

1. Identify the hazards

What is it about the activities, process, equipment or substances used that could injure you, your colleagues, participants or the public at the event.

2. Who might be harmed?

Is the hazard more dangerous for your colleagues setting up the event, for the general public attending the event, for people with restricted mobility, for the facilitators running the event or for any others?

3. Evaluate the risks

The risk rating matrix, available to download from this page, can help with evaluating the likelihood and severity of the risk.

4. Mitigate the risks

Think about measures to take to decrease the risks — e.g. if you have cables running along the floor, covering the cables with mats will decrease the risk of trips and falls.

5. Re-evaluate the risks

Re-evaluate the risks in light of the mitigation measures you’ve implemented. The score should come down.