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Learning our beautiful language of Cymraeg is a wonderful way to embed yourself into the rich and vibrant culture of our country.

Welcome to Deg Diwrnod Diddorol – Ten Interesting Days, an innovative resource commissioned by Cadw to enable those of you learning Welsh to experience some of the wonderful history of Wales through visiting our sites while developing your Welsh language skills.

This phased resource is currently centred around historic monuments in North Wales, but we will be looking over time to roll out to make available for learners who wish to visit historic monuments in the South and Mid’ Wales to improve Welsh language skills at these sites too.

Created especially to support adults learning Welsh, the four level resources: Mynediad, Sylfaen, Canolradd and Uwch are available to download as PDFs free here Mynediad, Sylfaen, Canolradd & Uwch.  

Dysgu Cymraeg / Learn Welsh

Deg Diwrnod Diddorol uses QR codes to link a booklet with online activities, leading users through a day of history, quizzes, stories and culture, all set against the backdrop of some of the most spectacular historical settings in North Wales. Each day has specific grammar points that are practiced, which are derived directly from the Dysgu Cymraeg courses, enabling you to gain new insights into the area in which you are visiting while revising the language you are learning.

Note - All related videos can be found on Deg Diwrnod Diddorol - YouTube if you have issues using the QR references.

One recent user wrote about Deg Diwrnod Diddorol

I just wanted to contact to say that they are brilliant! My partner is a Welsh learner and he has really enjoyed using the ‘canolradd’ level booklet and found it has helped him learn new words. As Cadw members the booklet is great as it will help him read the Welsh information at your sites. He would like to progress to use the ‘uwch’ level booklet.

Cymraeg 2050 — A million Welsh speakers 

Is the Welsh Government's strategy for the promotion and facilitation of the use of the Welsh language. Both this strategy and the Well-being of Future Generations Bill state that the Welsh language is a strategic priority for Welsh Government. The Welsh Government's vision is to see the Welsh language thrive, with an increase in the number of people who both speak and use the language in their daily lives.