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Our priorities

The historic environment is the physical manifestation of Wales’ cultural heritage — a precious inheritance that we must care for and pass on to our children to love, cherish and enjoy.

The historic environment sits at the very centre of our cultural identity as a nation. It tells the story of Wales’ place in the world, from its early beginnings to its role at the heart of the making of the modern world.

However, the importance of our historic sites extends beyond their value to society and to our knowledge of the past. They are also assets that contribute to the economic vitality of Wales. They stimulate tourism and make Wales a unique place for inward investment and a very special place in which to live and work.

The historic environment is all around us and enhances quality of life and adds local distinctiveness.

It includes:

  • historic buildings
  • ancient monuments, such as castles, abbeys, standing stones and industrial remains
  • shipwreck sites
  • archaeological sites
  • historic parks, gardens and landscapes
  • World Heritage Sites

It is vital that the historic environment is appreciated, protected and made accessible for present and future generations.