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Rediscover History
Here at Cadw, we’re passionate about bringing Welsh heritage into the 21st century. And what better way of doing so than by offering a host of contemporary reasons to visit a historic site?
Castles Alive!
Grab your sword, bring bucket loads of imagination and find your nearest castle. Now’s your chance to step back in time.
Live the Legends
Fancy getting up close to a real Welsh Dragon? Well, you’re in luck — Cadw now boasts a Dragon Family, made up of four enormous beasties.
Pack your Imagination
In this section you’ll find all you need to bring your imagination to life at a Cadw site and carry on the fun at home
Comics and Colouring
Whether you’re the lady of the manor, a ruling prince or a Roman emperor, our sites are the perfect place to relive Wales’s history. And to help you get ready for your time travel adventure, download our comics and colouring sheets.