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Protecting our heritage for future generations

Whether you are looking at heritage in the local area, wider Wales or the World, we have to put a focus on valuing historic assets that we can so easily take for granted and the importance of looking after these as informed citizens.

Let us explore how we can all help protect our historic sites from misuse, be that through unintentional low level vandalism, to deliberate actions of self-interest that destroy the opportunity for deeper exploration for future generations.

We can look at the recognition some sites obtain to become World Heritage sites, and how sites across different countries share common links.

We can also recognise impacts of climate change. And how one person’s monument of importance can be another’s continued reminder of oppression.

Become a heritage protector

This resource informs learners about our historical environment. It explains why we need to protect it against heritage crime, and how we can all work together to ensure that the historic places in Wales survive for future generations.

It is designed to support the facilitation of the new Curriculum for Wales. It particularly focuses on Humanities and assisting learners to become informed, self-aware citizens who engage with the challenges and opportunities that face humanity, and are able to take considered and ethical action. 

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