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In December 2022, Dawn Bowden MS, the Deputy Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism, announced that Roger Lewis would lead a task and finish group to undertake an independent review of Cadw’s current governance arrangements and the wider provision of public heritage services across Wales. 

The context for this review was the decision in 2017 for Cadw to remain within the Welsh Government as an internal agency. As part of that decision, it was intended that Cadw would benefit from increased operational and commercial freedoms enabling it to function more effectively and efficiently in delivering its wide range of roles and responsibilities. The success of those arrangements would be assessed after five years.

The report of the review has now been published. It endorses the decision made in 2017 that Cadw is best served by remaining in Government and makes a number of recommendations with a view to enhancing Cadw’s performance. 

The Deputy Minister will consider the report in detail and her response will be available here when it is published early in 2024. 

The Cadw Review: report and findings