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Welcome to 15-Minute Heritage, a Cadw initiative to encourage us all to explore the heritage on our doorsteps. 

Taking a closer look at our everyday surroundings provides a fascinating opportunity to discover aspects of our heritage that we often hurry past and take for granted.

Buildings, both domestic and civic, open spaces from the local football field to a well-trodden dog walking route and landmarks ranging from medieval ruins to relics of modern industry all may figure on a 15-minute foray from your front door.

To launch our project we asked the former Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism, Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas MS, to share his 15-minute heritage story — follow his footsteps from Llandaff across the Old Taff Railway bridge to Hailey Park in 'Exploring Llandaff'...

View 15-Minute Heritage — Exploring Llandaff


The many benefits of exploring and strengthening the connection with our local heritage include fostering a deeper understanding of our surroundings; helping to promote social cohesion; and improving our quality of life.

Even the simple act of walking or cycling in our local areas brings many physical and mental well-being benefits, often providing a breathing space from our busy home and work lives.

And as we adapt to an ever-changing world, digital technology allows us to connect with great museums, heritage sites and artwork across the globe. Now we’ve used a new digital resource — ArcGIS StoryMaps — to launch our 15-minute heritage initiative.

There are 3 elements to explore ...

Useful resources to begin your 15-minute heritage story

People's Collection Wales is full of fascinating photographs, documents, audio and video recordings and stories that link to the history, culture and people of Wales.

Explore People's Collection Wales

Archwilio provides public access to the historic environment records (HERs) for each local authority area in Wales.

Explore Archwilio

Coflein — The online catalogue of archaeology, buildings, industrial and maritime heritage in Wales.

Explore Coflein