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Heroes & Heroines of Wales
Daring swordfights and thrilling battles. Tragic romances and secret experiments. Powerful princes and courageous princesses.
The castles & town walls of Edward I
The castles of Wales are famous the world over. Experts reckon there are over 600 of them. We might argue over the absolute number, but there’s little dispute that – in terms of pure might and ground-breaking military architecture – the castles of Edward I reign supreme.
The Princes of Wales
Wales was once a fragmented land of ancient kingdoms. Its rulers were independent princes, bonded by common language and laws.
The Tudor Connection in Wales
Mullock Bridge, a simple stone arch on the road between Pembroke and Dale in south-west Wales, plays a legendary role in a compelling story that sees a Welshman being crowned king of England; and – for bonus points – founder of the all-powerful Tudor dynasty.