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Who we are

Cadw is made up of around 250 people working across a range of disciplines.

Around 100 of our people are custodians — working at monuments in our care — or are part of the in-house teams that undertake conservation and maintenance at our sites. We have specialist staff, including field monument wardens and inspectors of historic buildings, ancient monuments and historic parks and gardens, who are based all over Wales.

Many of our staff are regularly ‘out and about’ around Wales, visiting sites, meeting the public or local authority representatives — little of Cadw’s work can be done only from behind a desk.

Internal operating board

The head of Cadw is Gwilym Hughes who reports to Jason Thomas, Director of Culture, Sport and Tourism. The head of Cadw sits on an internal operating board which supports, scrutinises and monitors Cadw’s strategic direction, business plan and standards.

The board currently comprises:

  • Jane Richardson – Chair and non-executive member
  • Gwilym Hughes – Deputy Director and Head of Cadw
  • Huw Davies – Head of Finance and Central Services
  • Liz Girling – non-executive member
  • Peter Wakelin – non-executive member
  • Steven Foulston – non-executive member
  • Gaynor Legall – non-executive member
  • Greg Stevenson – non-executive member
  • Tracy Dicataldo – staff representative

Meet the Cadw board

The structure of Cadw

Cadw has six operational branches: