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Kick-start your adventure and ignite your imaginations. Delve head-first into Wales’s fascinating history and find out what makes it special and unique for all of us.

Do you know our Anthem?

She is strong, fiery and quite dramatic… but do you know where she comes from? When was she born and how did a sung letter 'Glan Rhondda' (On the banks of the Rhondda) to a brother far away, grow up to become the anthem we know and love today?

Who was the first person to sing 'Glan Rhondda' in public? Who changed 'Glan Rhondda' to Hen 'Wlad fy Nhadau' — Land of my Fathers? When was it chosen as a national anthem for Wales? Who became a record maker with it?

When was it first used at a sporting event and what effect did it have? Discover this and more on a journey with An-Them.

You will also be able to learn the words and the sentiment behind them, so we can all sing confidently, with passion, together…

Watch with a BSL translation and captions