Welsh Archaeological Trusts

The four Welsh archaeological trusts, which were established in the mid-1970s, are independent limited companies with charitable status providing a uniform local archaeological service across the whole of Wales.

Their work includes the provision of archaeological advice to local planning authorities, developers and site owners, and the implementation of schemes such as watching briefs and excavations, to mitigate the adverse impact of development on archaeological remains.

On behalf of Welsh Ministers the Welsh Archaeological Trusts maintain and provide public access to historic environment records (HERs) for each local authority area in Wales.   These records include information on tens of thousands of historic sites or investigative work across Wales.  The HERs can be accessed through the Archwilio website — http://archwilio.org.uk/arch/index.html

The Archaeological Trusts heritage management services can provide information and advice for site owners on how to manage the historic assets on your land.  Contact your local trust before undertaking any work, such as drainage improvements, that may disturb archaeological deposits.

Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust

Dyfed Archaeological Trust

Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust

Gwynedd Archaeological Trust