Wrecks of Wales

The Smalls Viking Wreck Site, Pembrokeshire (SM 4644 0876)

The findspot of an important Viking sword guard of 11th century date, on the trade route between Viking Dublin and Denmark, 25km(15 miles) off shore.
Protected Area: 100m radius, centre 51 43.18’N 05 40.13’W

The Mary, Skerries, Anglesey (SH 2651 9479)

The ‘first British yacht’, built by the Dutch East India Company and given to King Charles II on his restoration. Samuel Pepys sailed in her, and she was used for official journeys and for royal leisure trips. Sunk in 1675, she has been partially excavated and artefacts are in Liverpool Museum. Protected Area: 100m radius, centre 53 25’16”N 04 36’40”W

Pwll Fanog Wreck, Menai Strait, Anglesey (SH 5342 7070)

A slate carrying cargo vessel from around 14th or 15th century. The slates were from the Llanberis area, split with a gouge and stacked into the wooden vessel which survives beneath its heavy cargo. This gives important information about the North Wales slate industry in late medieval periods.
Protected Area 150m radius, centre 53 12’46”N 04 11’43”W

Tal y Bont Wreck, Barmouth, Gwynedd (SH 5665 2229)

A merchant vessel with a cargo of Carerra marble from Italy, sunk around 1702. Well armed with 18 main battery, 8 smaller cast iron and 10 wrought iron guns, the wreck has been partially excavated to reveal her bell, and a multitude of navigational and domestic artefacts. Sunk on the treacherous Sarn Badrig.
Protected Area 300m radius, centre 52º 46’ 41” N 04º 07’ 24” W

The Diamond, Barmouth, Gwynedd (SH 5276 2291)

A 19th century composite wreck built of wood with copper sheathing, but with iron strengthening to the frame, with two large water tanks. The recently discovered ship (close to the Tal y Bont wreck) is unexcavated, so her cargo and form and even her identity is uncertain. Survey and research into this vessel is being undertaken.
Protected Area 200m radius, centre 52 46.531’N 04 11.025’W

Resurgam Submarine, Rhyl, Denbighshire (Beyond conversion to NGR)

The world’s earliest extant powered submarine, Resurgam was designed by Rev Garrett in 1879 and built by J T Cochrane in Birkenhead (where a model can be seen in the docks). She had a cylindrical hull with cone shaped bow and stern and was powered by a large boiler and Lamm-type engine. She sank 15 miles off Rhyl on the way to Portsmouth for naval trials.
Protected Area 300m radius, centre 53 23.78’N 03 33.18’W