Scheduled monuments

Advice on the care and conservation of scheduled monuments and other archaeological remains

Arthur's Stone, Gower

Arthur's Stone, Gower

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Managing Scheduled Monuments in Wales sets out the general principles to consider when managing and making changes to scheduled monuments. It explains how to apply for scheduled monument consent, including the roles and responsibilities of owners and Cadw, the Welsh Government’s historic environment service.

This best-practice guide is aimed principally at owners, occupiers and managers of scheduled monuments. It explains what it means to own a scheduled monument and how to care for it, and provides details about where to get further help and assistance. (November 2018)

Setting of Historic Assets in Wales explains what setting is, how it contributes to the significance of a historic asset and why it is important. It also outlines the principles used to assess the potential impact of development or land management proposals within the settings of World Heritage Sites, ancient monuments (scheduled and unscheduled), listed buildings, registered historic parks and gardens, and conservation areas.

This best-practice guidance is aimed at developers, owners, occupiers and agents, who should use it to inform management plans and proposals for change which may have an impact on the significance of a historic asset and its setting. (May 2017)