Defence of the Realm

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Title: Defence of the Realm - Pembrokeshire
Date: June 2010
Creator: Attract Marketing Ltd

The plan provides a framework for interpreting the story of Pembrokeshire’s role in defending Britain from war and invasion over the last 300 years. It identifies three strong story strands: the military threat from France in the 18th/19th centuries; the area’s active role during both World Wars; and its continuing part during the Cold War.

The Pembrokeshire storyline forms part of a broader pan-Wales ‘Defence of the Realm’ story which will shortly be explored through a complimentary plan.

The approach
In order to help you decide how your project fits in, a thematic approach to interpreting this storyline has been adopted. The plan identifies over 430 sites under this storyline and so suggests criteria for categorising them according to their physical and intellectual accessibility.

It goes on to recommend that given the range and number of sites a “combination of local and remote communication and creative interpretation techniques” are required.