Princes of Gwynedd

Deganwy Castle

Deganwy Castle

Title: Interpretation Plan for the Princes of Gwynedd
Date: May 2010
Creator: PLB Consulting Ltd

The plan provides a framework for interpreting the story of the Princes of Gwynedd and how this native dynasty rose to great prominence in the late 13th century, becoming so powerful that in 1267 Prince Llewellyn ap Gruffudd ruled a united Wales. The plan also deals with the subsequent war with the English crown. It encompasses sites such as the castles at Dolbadarn, Ewloe, Criccieth and Castell y Bere; as well as Penmon Priory and Basingwerk Abbey.

This plan fits into the broader story strand of the Castles and Princes of medieval Wales and the fight for independence. In particular it has close links to the ‘Castles and town walls of Edward I’ interpretation plan.

The approach
The plan sets out the historic context for the storyline, and its linkages with other Cadw interpretation plans. It identifies a range of opportunities for delivering interpretation at all stages of engagement with the visitor (i.e. from pre-visit through to adaptive interpretation that would encourage repeat visits) and includes site-based audits. It also suggests a number of site-based clusters.