Conwy Castle

'Rekindled' by Jessica Lloyd-Jones

Conwy presented the ultimate challenge: interpret a World Heritage Site. In an ambitious project, funded by the Heritage Tourism Project, five artists were commissioned to each produce a piece of interpretive artwork inspired by the castle and its history.

Linda Norris and Rachel Phillips reinstalled stained glass to the castle chapel with their piece, ‘Garsiwn o Flodau’. Their design is based on the landscape of north Wales and tells the story of the bloody fight between the princes of Gwynedd and the kings of England.

Rubin Eynon filled the base of the Prison Tower with a mound of armour and weaponry. On top rests Llywelyn’s sword and coronet. The work is called ‘Talaith Llywelyn’ (Llywelyn’s Coronet) and represents the burning spirit of the Welsh people as the sculpture rises up from the darkness of the dungeon.

Gideon Petersen’s piece, ‘The King’s Head’, looms over visitors as they enter the Royal Apartments. This ghostly presence of Edward I is an impressive spectacle.

John Merrill’s  ‘The Guard’ is constructed from Welsh oak beams and carved with details representing the wooden vaulting, ribbing and flourishes that might have once adorned the rooms of the castle. It’s quickly become a popular photo opportunity with our visitors.

With ‘Rekindled’, Jessica Lloyd-Jones uses a projection to bring a fireplace alive. Glimpses of a medieval past are revealed in the flames, showing the importance and many uses of fire in the medieval castle.